Jelleff & Co. has 30+ years of global experience in Live Touring and Events, working with many of the world’s leading artists, bands, concert promoters and event producers.

Jelleff & Co. provide production management, tour management, event producing, project planning & logistical services to the Live Entertainment industry, working closely with artists, managers, promoters, producers, agents, venues, suppliers and crews; while looking after all things touring, production and event management.

Their services include:

– Planning
– Budgeting
– Procurement
– Team sourcing
– Project accounts
– Risk assessment
– Immigration
– Travel and logistics

They can be part of a project from inception through to fulfilment, or drop in and out as and when their specific services are required.

They also have the expertise to manage a project or tour from start to finish, if a client prefers to be hands off.

These days their tours and projects are often Australia and New Zealand based, however over the years their continued experience working globally, particularly in the UK and Europe, has seen them develop an extensive network of skilled touring and event contractors and suppliers worldwide.

From theatres to stadiums…and everything in between!